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GoDaddy, Wix or Shopify?

Let's take a deeper look at the top 3 web hosting giants.

If you are looking at building a brand new website for the first time or moving your current website to a new host, you might be wondering which of these web host mammoths is the best option for you.

Foreign or Domestic?

Company Success?

Customer Usability?
Affordable Pricing?

Foreign or Domestic?

Just where exactly is GoDaddy, Wix and Shopify?

Wix.Com is an Israeli company with it's base headquarters located in the Middle East.  Wix has been in operation since 2006.

Shopify.Com is a Canadian company based in Ottawa. Shopify has been in operation since 2006.

GoDaddy.Com is an American company with it's base headquarters located in Arizona.  GoDaddy was founded in Maryland, United States and has been in operation since 1997.

For Hardcore American Patriots, it might come as a surprise to find their Wix website is run by a Middle Eastern company. And that GoDaddy is the only American web host listed in this article (well, except for our own, GreenGeeks)!

Company Success?

How are these web giants faring financially in Fall 2020?

In the last month, Wix has experienced a substantial drop. As web developers, we see firsthand the reason behind a drop in a company. In the case of Wix.Com, the issue is customer pricing and usability.

Shopify has seen a steady climb and success for the past month. Due to the ease of ecommerce customer usability and competitive pricing.

Last month, August 2020 - we saw GoDaddy skyrocket. This month they are down.

Customer Usability

These 3 immense companies offer vastly different user experiences.

  • Wix.Com's user friendly editor is easy to navigate on the surface but quickly complicated and complex with add-on apps and features, often leaving website owners with a partially completed website or broken ecommerce features and images. Wix offers a Marketplace of Experts to hire to finish websites that users find too cumbersome or confusing to complete on their own.

  • Much like Wix, Shopify also has developers for hire to swoop in and resolve broken sites or incomplete creations. Shopify's website platform can be easy for 50% of it's users. Those who have trouble with it, often turn to outside Shopify Partner help for hire.

  • GoDaddy's web builder website platform is very basic and straightforward. With very little room for user error as there is little room for creativity. A call to an American centered free tech support can often set a person on the right path when they become confused. Few users find issues navigating the GoDaddy editor. For those who need more creative or unique websites that don't resemble a basic business card - a quick connection to a paid GoDaddy Pro for hire can be quickly managed.

Affordable Pricing

From overpriced to just right, is the priciest really worth the cost?

  • Wix.Com offers more than ecommerce and boasts free websites with pricing that quickly escalates as you connect a domain and add expected features. Each feature, also known as, "apps" adds a hefty chunk and additional weight on your website loading as it runs third-party scripts in the background.  Due to the inability to move the website and facing having to rebuild the entire site elsewhere, most Wix customers bite the bullet and accept the cost. However they find themselves increasingly unhappy with their lacking features and error prone websites with poor speed and server performance ratings.

  • Shopify is only for ecommerce so there are few add-on upgrades. Their simple and straightforward plans deviate very little from the expected so many customers are pleasantly happy with their websites.

  • GoDaddy's ecommerce plan is the most affordable of all at only $19.99 per month and includes everything one needs for a small (not scalable) DIY store.

As we always say here at TNW Creations, the choice is ultimately up to you. Want some guidance or direction? Have questions about GoDaddy, Wix or Shopify? Interested in hearing about our easy store platform and American hosted GreenGeeks? Drop us a note!

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