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We work from home 2020

It's Thursday! And so many of us are just trying to acclimate to this new way of working. My husband is working from home now, he sits behind me and I am mostly just amazed and proud of the way he speaks to his customers. I also worry I type too loud. I am not a stealthy Ninja when it comes to the keyboard, I have carnival like skills. I can look my children in the eyes, have a conversation and do something else WHILE typing and never look at the keyboard... and I'm FAST, like lightning fast. But also super loud. So I've been pecking at my keyboard quietly since yesterday... just trying to coexist in my office as we both juggle different businesses. And I bet many relate!

This week, I've had conversations with "Ryan" for my pharmacy. He had a toddler crying and a dog barking in the background as he sheepishly said, "Uh... let me check on that for you..." And Technical support who was obviously on multiple chats and called me Kevin in a follow-up email. Meanwhile, the actual Kevin was probably wondering why his follow-up said, "Ms. Erin," LOL

For us, the kids got wound up yesterday and began tearing around the house playing like kids do. My eyes got huge while I was in chat with a client and hubby was on the phone with one, I heard, "Let me in!" "NO! Ahhh! don't kidnap me!" "You'll never take me alive!" and they finished with, "I'm dying..." as they dramatically passed out groaning. 🤣🤣🤣 I wonder what hubby's customer thought during that. lol Oh joy. Well, you guys. We will get through this! Eventually we will laugh together, but for now, stay strong! You got this! Embrace those jammies!

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I've been programming, designing, writing and publishing professionally online since 1995. I've worn many hats throughout my life, but the common core of my career has always been media. Besides the portfolio you see on TNW Creations, my internet presence has been substantial for over 2 decades. In 1995, while still in college, I founded TNW Creations and became part of the grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language online. By 2004, my bilingual work was listed on many sites, including National Geographic , Encarta and Touchstone Pictures Hidalgo. When I'm not developing and writing, you'll find me managing MagicStoryLand.Com, creating kid-friendly game & video content, investigating and initating hostile website takedowns, posting salty articles about cyber threats, moderating UnifyLife.Org and enjoying my  community, church & family.