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Impatience will Ruin your Deals

Recently one of my many volunteer roles put me in a situation where I had to establish a vendor for a venue. It was pretty exhausting. First off, I decided to go with small Mom & Pop locals because I like to give back to our local economy. Let's keep our community strong. However, most of the businesses I reached out to would NOT reply. That was the first mistake in doing business. We had a sweet offer. It was a prepaid gig - show up and whether people were there or not the vendor would get paid. Who wouldn't want that job?


After awhile, I finally found someone who answered. She looked great, I did my footwork, she was an excellent option for our organization. I pitched the Vendor to our organization and the board was thrilled. Fantastic! They would hire this vendor and said the treasurer would handle her payment.


Whew! I was done with my job, I no longer had to call around trying to find a vendor who wouldn't return my calls or emails (for nearly a month). The person we were going to hire was happy, our board was happy and I could finally enjoy my evening - kick back, put my feeties up and watch some of my Korean Drama.




I couldn't.


Within 30 minutes of sending an email to the Vendor telling her that the organization had chosen her and would be paying soon... she emailed me again.

And then called.


And then sent a text.


And then another text.


And then another email.


And then another voicemail.



I shared the texts with our Treasurer who then replied...


"I'm not gonna lie. She's weirding me out. I think we made a mistake."


I told him maybe she was just excited but in the pit of my stomach, I was feeling uneasy too. I tried to reason with her and sent an email, letting her know we are all volunteers and to please be patient because it had only been a few hours since we agreed.


But she kept trying to push things. And it went into the next day. When I woke up to more emails, texts and voicemails, I was about to pull the plug and start over.


I told the treasurer to please text me as soon as the payment was taken care of. And my husband said, "You should blog about this."


So here it is. A blog post about impatience ruining or risking a chance at success.


A little follow-up is good but expect at least a 24 hour turnaround during business days to be reasonable communication.


Keep healthy expectations in mind when closing a gig. Always expect the other half could cancel before contracts or payments change hands. And don't be pushy. Because you may actually ruin your deal and not even realize it was your own actions that destroyed your chances at success.


Always be a closer... not a stalker.

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