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Pest Control Companies Targeted by NPMPA.Org

Wow, the internet sure is keeping me busy writing blog articles lately. Here I am again with a new report, this one specifically targets Pest Control Companies...

Did you receive an email like this?

"My name is Jason,
I am an account manager with the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association, we have been trying to verify your company information.

When you have a chance please verify the information we are currently displaying on your company report which can be found here:
http://www .npmpa .org/YOUR-BUSINESS-NAME

Although our organization does not sell any leads, we do have lots of requests for pest control services, if you verify your information where it say's "Let's Get Verified" on the top of your report page we will gladly send referrals to you in addition to all of our other verified member benefits.

Thanks again,


You may unsubscribe to monthly report emails and be unaware of report updates by clicking here: <http:// email. npmpa .org /u/do-not-click-this>""


So what is this? In short - SPAM.

This email is spamming for a directory website. There are thousands of internet directories like this and they have been around for decades although this particular one is only 3 years old and has very little activity.

At first these, "directories" crawl the internet looking for company information to add to their database in hopes to gather more web and customer traffic. Often banking on using advertising or harvesting data.

Some directories spam for information and some for money to improve reviews, leads or listings as well as information.

After building up a small listing, they begin cold calling and emailing companies for information. While directories can be great and I've even built them in the past (back in 2000, I built a directory for several small Chambers of Commerce in the Texas Hill Country).. sadly, some directories use misleading wording.

Look at the text in this unsolicited email, "we have been trying to verify your company information" or "please verify the information we are currently displaying on your company report."

Yes, please tell me more about this report and listing I never signed up or asked for...


These emails are written in such a way that many businesses are confused, thinking it's legitimate and serious "reports" but in fact, they are simply a directory trying to get you to join them. If they were up front about their intentions... well, I wouldn't be writing this blog post.


Bottom line is (and if you've been following our blog for awhile, you know what I'm going to say next), never click a link in an email. If you don't recognize the sender, be cautious. Don't panic just because someone uses words like, "report" or "verify" as if it's official.


And don't click the, "unsubscribe" link either. Because much like a spam call, they're wanting to see if they have a live number or a live email. Just Mark them as SPAM and go on with your day.

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