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Is Customizing your Experience a Violation of Privacy

Facebook and Apple are firing heated quips back and forth over their latest privacy vs tracking exchange.


Basically, Apple wants it's users to have the option to, "Opt-Out" of tracking.

Facebook claims it will hurt businesses everywhere.

But let's look at this a little deeper...

What type of tracking does Facebook do and what does "opting out" mean for each user?

From your browsing history to your health stats, your financial info and even location tracking. I don't know about you but... that's creepy.

So what about the argument from Facebook that businesses will be injured by stopping tracking and ultimately invasive advertising?


Businesses have been advertising since the first wandering produce seller. "Apples, shiny, red fresh apples!" Who knows when that really was. But my guess is about a generation or two after Adam and Eve when people started competing for progress, products and services.


If you ask me, we've been doing okay with our advertising techniques through the eons.


Facebook came along with the majority of businesses joining in late 2000's, most small businesses spend a lot of money on advertising and to my knowledge, absolutely NO ONE has become wealthy from Facebooks ads, except... well...



So if Facebook is upset over the ability for users to opt out and choose not to be invasively tracked... are they really being humanitarian or are they looking out for their bottom line?


I think the answer is pretty clear. shrug

Here at TNW Creations, we have always believed that privacy is a human right.

The following statement has been on our privacy page for years,

"We believe invasive tracking under the guise of, "customizing your experience" is a violation of human rights and privacy."

So we stand with Apple and the million others around the world. We deserve the right to say no to invasive tracking.

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