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How I feel about WordPress & other hosting companies

I have been online for decades. And during that time, I've always had a web presence. It started as BBS (bulletin board system), then web pages through Angelfire and Geocities (I forget which came first), Network Solutions, Fasthosts and more.


I've bounced from one hosting company to another, much like some people yo-yo diet or date...


The company I stayed with the longest was GoDaddy. I liked them for a long time. But while other hosting companies were moving forward.... GoDaddy stood still.

GoDaddy tech was so 1999.

Given my druthers, I would rather write HTML and CSS and use FTP for uploads. And for that, GoDaddy was perfect! However, times changed and being a techie, I welcomed the advancement. I have my old school ways and I'm constantly keeping up. It's the best of both worlds.

But GoDaddy did not improve much after their launch in 1997 so come mid-2000s, they were using old technology, old platforms, charging for every little feature they would roll out. And each new feature was way behind their competitors. Plus as they grew in leaps and bounds, they tacked on more support pages but rarely removed their old pages. So in summary, the site was chaos. Recently GoDaddy unveiled their new web pro features and I thought it might be promising, but... they still lack the technology to be smooth.

Sadly, their platform looks identical to WordPress. I'm unsure if they copied WordPress functions or if they are working together. When I saw the changes this year, I groaned. Word Press is the one host I have always hated... oh I know what you're thinking... then why do you accept WordPress jobs? 

Okay, okay... I complained. Yes, I do work on WordPress sites but I don't love them. Much like an HVAC professional, I have my preferred brands. (seriously, ask any HVAC tech and he will tell you which manufacturer builds the best units) So I may not love WordPress but I will work on them just the same. I just tend to grumble a lot more during the process LOL

Having said that, I should also mention my love or dislike for a platform or host could change at any time. In 2018, I adored Wix. Not so much by Summer 2019 after Wix raised prices and performance tanked. Due to constant improvements (or lack of) in technology and pricing or feature changes - those preferences don't stay the same. I may love a web host or program today and hate them next year. 

From the beginning, my favorite web editors include both WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) AND code. I love design but I also love to code. As Buddy the Elf would say, "it's my favorite."

Code = Love

Currently in 2020,

Our favorite web host is GreenGeeks and our favorite platform is MotoCMS3. 


We still work with a myriad of hosts and platforms including GoDaddy, Wix, Word Press and others.  Need web help? Contact us! 

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