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How big should my website be?

The most common question we answer every day is, "what size website do I actually need?"


Every business needs a website, but deciphering the confusion, the lingo or just trying to communicate to someone else what you're hoping for - is probably the second biggest hurdle. Before that, it's cost.


Thankfully we can help you with both of those big issues. Our websites are only $100. per page! Not sure how many pages you need? Look at a few of our newest client's sites. These 3 neighborhoods came to us after the recent merge with AtHomeNet and FrontSteps.

Here are three examples of the most common website sizes -

River Place - 3 pages (Home, Community Information, Contact)

(River Place initially requested 3 pages but as their needs grew, so did their website. They currently have about 15 pages)

2. Bentley HOA - 5 pages (Home, Board of Directors, Community Documents, Residential Resources, Events Calendar)

3. Autumn Glen - 7 pages (Home, Documents, Board of Directors, Amenities, Events, Contact, FAQ)

Still unsure how many pages you need? Let us know which website looks the closest to your expectations and we'll go from there!


Additionally, if you have been burned by your current HOA web host and looking for a new web design agency, we are offering a special until May 15th, 2019!


Looking for an HOA website in 2020?

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