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Google Women Techmakers?

I've been a member of Google Women Techmakers for a few years... and I have nothing but disappointment to show for it.

Recently, Google Women Techmakers invited members to an online event. And asked us as a group, "What is one highlight from your experience in the techmaker Membership program?"


It was an easy quick answer.


Absolutely zero.


I interacted with the GWTM community on Slack in the beginning, asked questions and did not receive answers from anyone except other members asking the same question...


Several other members and myself tried to get more information on Women Techmaker Ambassadors but no replies. I have been a member for several years now and for the most part it seems to be a non-admin organization in name only where women announce their apps or ask for work. How weird, right? Who's in charge and why is there no way to actually participate? Is it just a Google publicity stunt? 🤔


At least 3 times over two years, I submitted emails, requesting to learn more about actual involvement, rather than being a stagnant member... no replies.


Additionally... when I received this email (below) about the first Google WTM event for 2021, I found it disappointing to see men sitting front and center on the very first photo about Women Techmakers Community Contributions... in a Women Techmakers' email.



As a web developer and daughter of graphic designers, I am keenly aware of presenting appropriate messages. 


Men in front is not an image that portrays women empowerment in Technology...


We can do better than that.

I teach my graphic design and writing interns to balance genders in visual graphics. When portraying a confused person, don't always choose a man or a woman. Be aware of stereotypes. Don't always use a woman in a domestic image. If advertising or writing about a women's group, use women in your photos. If the organization is about men, portray men. If the organization encourages equality and is not gender specific at all - use a 50/50 mix of all genders, races and abilities.


Knowing this is the best way to advertise and promote... I was shaking my head when I read the email with this image and didn't stop when I saw the opening speakers from the first 2021 Google WTM event. One woman and one man (Sophia Vargas & Faizal Kassamali).


Maybe I'm just too salty, but if we are going to strive for equality in tech for a Women's Tech group, can't we do better than that??

I've been working in tech for nearly 30 years and it's been a rocky path as a female. As women, we should be able to:

  • Choose more if not ALL female speakers, especially opening speakers to fill a schedule for a women's tech conference.
  • More female attendees (if not all) and especially place them in front with men in the back... to fill a photo.

We should strive to make any female organization more female and less male, that is after all, what this organization is all about. Women in tech. Right??

And if that does not sit well with whomever is reading this... then I'm not the salty tech lady for you. 😉

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