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Google Plus Lawsuit - Phishing?

If you're TNW Creations Fans, you know we like to keep you informed of possible Cyber Security issues.

Like this one.


If you received an email titled,

"Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus – Your Rights May Be Affected"


Though the supposed email sender is Google, there are a couple of red flags that tip this off as phishing suspect.

1. You have to register online to either accept or opt out of this lawsuit.

2. You need to give details about yourself. In a class action lawsuit, the court already has your information. And typically you are opted in unless you request specifically not to be.

3. When searching this domain, our security system flags this domain as, "insecure." What that yellow warning sign means is the site could affect your security. Any reputable website will be secure. This is our third red flag.

4. When checking the registration date of this domain, we found it to be registered in May 2020.

5. No reputable, well known or large news source is mentioning this lawsuit. Considering the defendant, this is odd. 

Top Results for this specific search phrase - not reassuring 

6. Lastly, one of the servers hosting this domain is located in the United Kingdom. Since this lawsuit supposedly originates from the California courts, this is also another red flag.

11 hours and 80 comments later on Reddit and they haven't even covered what we found in 40 minutes. 

There are no leading news sources covering this email yet. 

So that first comment was interesting...

For now, these flags give us warnings not to proceed. Is it actual phishing or merely technological incompetency? You may decide how to handle it. You can flag the email as phishing per your email client. Or leave it and wait for more information.


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The lawsuit has been confirmed as legitimate. So the red flags were due to incompetent technology. Which is a bit ironic, considering who they are suing and why...

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