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Follow through

If you're friendly with me outside of business, you know I'm a sweet person. Kind-hearted, patient, empathetic. I often (to my embarrassment) will break down and cry along with a stranger when they are hurting.




Not with business.


I am the Russian Gym Coach of focus and hard work. The Rocky Balboa of motivation.

I am your unamused High School teacher over your missing homework.


Don't get me wrong. I have compassion and I'll be nice. But I won't agree with excuses or lack of drive.


Recently, a neighbor and I began a business thread on a local social network we've been moderating. Lots of business oriented individuals came out of the woodwork to participate. Housekeepers, lawn service, kitschy sign makers, makeup entrepreneurs, you name it. And I loved it!


One in particular caught my eye. "Guitar lessons." That sounds fantastic! I will sign up one of my kiddos. It was a tutoring match made in Heaven. It was literally down the street and the scheduling and price couldn't have worked out better for me. And she really needed the extra income she said.


At first, the advertiser replied, we set things up and then....




I messaged again and again. But no reply.

It completely baffled me!


You want money, you advertise to make money, you get a solid job offer and....? Nada?


I don't get the lack of continuance.

And this is what breaks a business. Don't sit on your butt and hope for things that will never happen if YOU don't have perseverance. My Grandmother used to say, "no one is going to knock on your door and offer you your dreams. You have to work for it."


And this is still true, it will ALWAYS be true.


Have some moxie. If you manage to put in the effort to snag a customer, don't just leave them hanging and never show up or call or schedule (or reschedule). You might as well be the wimpy trashbag compared to Hefty. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "DREAMERS" - it takes zero effort to dream about the things you want to accomplish. And it takes 110% effort to make something actually happen. Be a DOER.


I warned you... I don't sugar coat business.



TNW Creations is a Web Development & Media Publishing Agency in Austin, Texas. Web Development, cyber security, web design, clean energy web host, Advanced SEO, Digital Marketing and more since 1995.

I've been programming, designing, writing and publishing professionally online since 1995. I've worn many hats throughout my life, but the common core of my career has always been media. Besides the portfolio you see on TNW Creations, my internet presence has been substantial for over 2 decades. In 1995, while still in college, I founded TNW Creations and became part of the grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language online. By 2004, my bilingual work was listed on many sites, including National Geographic , Encarta and Touchstone Pictures Hidalgo. When I'm not developing and writing, you'll find me managing MagicStoryLand.Com, creating kid-friendly game & video content, investigating and initating hostile website takedowns, posting salty articles about cyber threats, moderating UnifyLife.Org and enjoying my  community, church & family.