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Don't Give Up - Just Adjust

For most of us around the world, we're shutdown, isolated, working from home virtually... and many of our small businesses are suffering. 


But this isn't the time to give up hope. 



It's time to rework ourselves, be creative, think outside of our norm. And use our digital world to our advantage. 

Here are 46 industry specific ideas for small businesses that will help you get through this period of isolation:


Roofers, Contractors, Fencers, Pest Control, Landscaping, Patio, Window and Door Companies, Solar Screens - 

Post on social media and send a newsletter to let your customers know that you can still work on outside projects. Contracts can be signed via docusign, communication can be through email or phone and payments can be made online. 

Dentists, Optometrists, Orthodontists, Hair and Nail Salons, Aestheticians, Makeup Artists - 

Now is the time to make sure your account balances are handled, schedule future appointments, do follow-up messages, work on your email campaigns, schedule posts for Social Media. For new income, consider selling gift cards and vouchers.  

Seamstress, Alterations, Laundry Service - 

If you can accept the risk and have the facilities that can be maintained to an exceptional level of sanitation, consider drop-off items that can be worked on and picked up curbside. For alterations, only finish jobs you've already taken measurements for. If you have product to sell, it's time to sell online.

Retail Stores, Service shops like mechanics and vacuum dealers, clothing and shoe stores, etc - 

Concentrate on digital sales. If you don't already have an online store - take 10-20 of your best or hottest selling items and list them on Instagram and facebook. You will need to follow facebook's setup for businesses. Have the customer pay exact shipping and calculate your packaging costs so you aren't losing money. Offer gift cards and incentives, promotions and deals. Keep your momentum.

Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Cookie Shops, Cottage Bakers, etc - 

Depending on the current restrictions in your area, you may be able to offer online or phone ordering with curbside pickup. Post your menus and deals on social media. Sell gift cards. People are still getting married, having babies and birthdays!

Photographers, Videographers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, -

Offer online video lessons through Udemy or similar, schedule future appointments, offer discounts on future services. Sell digital videos or MP3s of your work on Amazon, Youtube, CDBaby or your website. 

Artists, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Book Editors, Video Editing, all art and media services  - 

Go full digital if you aren't already. Offer gift cards, incentives, sales, deals, promotions. Sell on Instagram and Facebook. Schedule future client sessions. Network with others.


House cleaners - 

Offer special sanitization services and whole house cleaning, wear protective clothing, gloves and masks. Strip those items off and toss them in the trash or washer the instant you are done. Shower. Do not go from one house or commercial building to another without changing your clothes, gear and showering. Make sure you do the same as other industries and work on your social media, website and offer gift cards and schedule future appointments.

Delivery Drivers, Uber, Favor, etc - 
Use your time and services to deliver items rather than people. 

Subscription services - 

Many customers are going to be cutting back on any non-essentials. If you don't want to be one of those cuts, offer a discount. Not only are you helping your customers, but you are reducing your potential loss in income. Be sure to reduce fees without hurting yourself financially. 


This is the IDEAL time to work on your social media, your website, your email campaigns. You know that virtual stuff you always knew you needed but never had time for. This is that moment!

More tips: 

Make sure your bookkeeping is in order, your certifications, licenses and forms are up to date. Now is a great time to take an online class and spruce up your skills. 

And the most important tip of all really... 

Spend this extra time in prayer with God and with your loved ones. 

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