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Canceling Google Ads and Why this is Important

Google Ads Community Forum is filled with businesses pleading for help...

Stop running my Google Ads

Why can't I turn off automatic payments

How do I stop getting charged for Google Ads?

How to remove credit card details from an Ads account?

How do I stop automatic payments?

How to cancel my Google Ads account?!

But Google Support is non-existent. Reports of support tickets unanswered since June 2020 pretty much confirms that Google has been eaten by Aliens...

Or Covid?  Perhaps.

Or maybe Google was simply a giant computer brain from the beginning and duped us into believing there were real people behind it. 🤯 JUST KIDDING!


Seriously though, if it seems Google Support isn't going to help you. Here's the way to stop billing despite not being able to remove your credit card on your Google Ads Account.
(that's right, you can't remove your credit card from Google Ads)

First off, if you are considering boosting your sales or traffic with a Google Ad - STOP.

There are better ways to increase traffic and gather leads. And it's one little acronym = SEO.

We have been online since 1995, well before Google was ever invented. And we love Google but their ads? Not so much.


We've written Google Ads, run them and stopped them. In our experience and many others - Google Ads brought us nothing but hackers and badbot traffic. That was a fun waste of money. 😑


For us, the thought of paying Google so we can get unsavory people to hammer away at our website all day, every day was...


NOT an especially exciting prospect.


Save your money.

How to Cancel a Google Ads Account so you are no longer charged...

Requirements for cancellation

To cancel your account, you'll need:

Administrative access to your account

Billing set up for your account


If you have a manager account and want to cancel one of your managed accounts, keep in mind the following requirements:

You’ll need administrative access to your manager account

Your manager account needs to have created the managed account you’d like to cancel

That managed account can have no other users with administrative access

Read About canceling managed accounts to learn more.


How to cancel your account

1. Sign into your Google Ads account.

2. Click the tools icon   in the upper right corner. 

3. Under “Setup,” click Preferences.

4. Click the Account Status section to expand it.

5. Click Cancel my account. 


Tip from TNW Creations: Screenshot your cancellation.... you should receive an email confirmation but if you don't, you will want to have data you cancelled. Don't close the window without it. Should you need to show this to your bank, you will have proof.


After your account is canceled

The following will take place after canceling your account:

All remarketing lists that are owned by the canceled account, including Customer Match, will be set to “Closed,” preventing new users from being added to these lists.


Tip from TNW Creations: As mentioned above, you should receive an email confirmation of your closed Google Ads account. When you do, print a digital and hardcopy. Keep it for your records.


In an effort to remove your data, the following will take place about a month after account cancellation:

All remarketing lists that are owned by the canceled account, including Customer Match, will have their membership duration updated to 1 day. This action will remove all users from these lists.

Once the users are removed, lists that are shared with other accounts will no longer be usable for those accounts.


Any parameters for dynamic remarketing will be deleted.

If you have any refundable credit left in your canceled account, you should receive a refund within 4-12 weeks. Learn more about managing billing after canceling your Google Ads account


Problems canceling your account

If you don't see the option to cancel your account, you may not be eligible to cancel it. Review "Requirements for cancellation” above.


If your administrative access user left the company, and you want to cancel your account, collect your Customer ID, sign-in email address, account billing information, and contact Google Ads support.

Good luck!

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