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Green Technology

For my clients and regular readers, it's no secret I've been in web development since 1995. That's 24 years of designing and programming websites from front-end to back-end development. I've done it all and I've used a plethora of web hosts.

What is web hosting, you ask?

Think of your website like a digital home.

You need land for that home, right?

So your domain is the land.

Your website is the house.

And your hosting is the utilities used to power your house. Like electric and internet.


There are so many hosting companies out there and most of their technology is pretty much identical. Sometimes they provide digital land (aka domains) too. The biggest difference between them is their customer service and their security. Think of your internet service for a second.


You know it's possible to be hacked, phished, infected by unscrupulous code or people on the internet.


The same can happen with your website hosting server (aka your digital home's internet).


If your server has poor security, your website can be infected or hacked. And your visitors can then be infected or hacked.

I look for 4 things in web hosting providers:

The best price.

 The best security.

 The best technology.

 The best customer service.

Through the years, I've relied most heavily on GoDaddy and Wix servers.

However, recently I've been looking at a third hosting provider.


What do you know about Green Energy? Lots probably, right? If you're like us, you have a solar salesperson knocking on your door every few weeks (bless their heart if it's more than that). And you know trains were powered by steam, etc. We all probably have a basic understanding of clean energy.


But what about green technology? Well...

Here are a few (more) things my regular readers know about me is:

1. I am Christian.

2. I am Native American.

3. I believe in Green Technology.

4. I am the Founder of UnifyNoDAPL - an 11,000+ member group created to combine the efforts of both Non-Native farmers and Native reservations in the Northern Plains when the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) was being built. Both sides fought the pipeline, but until UnifyNoDAPL was created, they struggled separately.


I believe God gave us everything we need to survive. Our bright (and sometimes amazingly painful - ack Texas!) sun, the wind and our beautiful rivers. I'm not saying he didn't imbue us with brilliant minds to create advancements or inspire us to develop incredible inventions. If he hadn't, we wouldn't have the internet or computers or be able to fight diseases.


What I am saying is, sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Everywhere we look, these powerful natural elements exist without toil, destruction of the Earth or risk to life. We can harness these resources to power our lives. And why not use this same clean energy in technology? Reduce our carbon footprint?


I say Amen to that! How about you?


As we move into the next year, I will be migrating some of my client sites and a few of my own to the green energy web hosting provider, GreenGeeks.Com

Along with the option to choose GreenGeeks as a main server, we will also be utilizing GreenGeeks as our backup servers for our annual hosted clients, no matter who they are formally hosted with.


Want to opt-in to our green transfer or green backup? Just accept the email requests when we send them out.


Maybe you're asking, what does wind powered servers mean for you as a client?

Well, you'll be saving the planet one web page at a time. And that makes you uber cool.


Otherwise, it won't change your site or your pricing or affect you in any way. You'll just know that you are making a difference by being one of my clients and using Green technology to power your website.


And that makes you awesome.



TNW Creations is a Web Development & Media Publishing Agency in Austin, Texas. Web Development, cyber security, web design, clean energy web host, Advanced SEO, Digital Marketing and more since 1995.

I've been programming, designing, writing and publishing professionally online since 1995. I've worn many hats throughout my life, but the common core of my career has always been media. Besides the portfolio you see on TNW Creations, my internet presence has been substantial for over 2 decades. In 1995, while still in college, I founded TNW Creations and became part of the grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language online. By 2004, my bilingual work was listed on many sites, including National Geographic , Encarta and Touchstone Pictures Hidalgo. When I'm not developing and writing, you'll find me managing MagicStoryLand.Com, creating kid-friendly game & video content, investigating and initating hostile website takedowns, posting salty articles about cyber threats, moderating UnifyLife.Org and enjoying my  community, church & family.