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Adding a Contributor to a WebFlow Website

Transferring / Migrating your WebFlow Website to TNW Creations?

Or do you need to add a Web Developer, Web Designer or SEO Manager to your current WebFlow website as a Contributor? Here are easy step-by-step instructions with images for how to accomplish this task.


Austin Web Design - TNW Creations, LLC.

How to Add a Contributor to a WebFlow Website



Typically when you first log in to WebFlow, you will be looking at your, Dashboard. If this is what you see, hover over the website you wish to add a collaborator to. If you don't have a paid plan - skip to Step 2.


If you have a paid plan with WebFlow, you can navigate to Editor to add a Contributor by clicking the three dots, "..." in the lower right of the website thumbnail. From the dropdown menu select, "Editor."


Or simply click the center of the thumbnail to immediately open the WebFlow Website Editor.


From your Website Editor, look towards the upper right.  Click the arrow icon for sharing and select, "Invite Content Collaborators" from the drop down menu. Note: you can only add a collaborator if you have a paid plan. Adding a Collaborator allows the users to edit, manage or change your website.


If you prefer to share a read only link either for safety or because you do not have a paid plan because it has expired or you have decided not to stay with WebFlow - you can share the link to your website by selecting, "Share read only link."  Toggle the button to activate the read only link and copy the url to share with your new web developer or manager.

If you are ready to continue adding a collaborator, continue to Step 3.

Only Paid Plans can add Collaborators

If you clicked Invite Collaborators and found yourself on the upgrade page below, this is due to you not having a paid plan. At this time WebFlow does not allow adding Managers, Editors, Designers, etc without a paid account. If your curious about the cost of WebFlow's websites, check out the pricing here.


At this point, if you have a paid plan you should be on the Add Collaborators in your Project Settings page.

You can have up to 10 Collaborators. Be sure to give them time to accept the invitation. Double check your email address so you don't delay invitations or misinvite.

You can read more adding contributors to your WebFlow website here:

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