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How to add Image Alt tags to Wix Websites

Image Alt Tags are an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) - proper SEO insures your website is shown in search results and can drastically improve your search engine ranking and visibility.

Ever notice how images show up in results when you search for something? Sometimes the images are perfectly relevant and sometimes they are ridiculous and have nothing to do with what you just requested. Poor search results, especially when using specific wording, is due to improper or missing SEO features. Like missing or poorly worded Alt Tags for images.

When the cutting edge tech company ThruWave from Seattle, Washington first launched their website and came to us for Search Engine Optimization, their search results under images showed a collection of shampoo, hair products and various weather and art images.

We quickly fixed that for them. 

Now when someone searches for, "ThruWave," they see logos, ThruWave engineers and relevant documents and product images. 

Isn't that beautiful?

As you can see, Image Alt Tags are an important function in SEO. As SEO rules change constantly, it's imperative to stay on top of the SEO game. So let's look at how to change or add alt tags to images in Wix. 

Prior to 2019, this HOA's website was on the Wix Platform. So I will be using this old website to show you how to add Alt Tags for your images on Wix. 

1. Open your website in the Wix Editor.

2. Click the Plus sign on the left of your screen. 

    Alternatively, you can select, "Media" which is depicted by an icon of a folder and an image. This area is an excellent way to add alt tags to all of your images if you are just starting out.

3. Select an image by clicking once. 

4. On the righthand side, you will see information or details about this image. Select tags towards the bottom. 

5. Add your tags one line at a time. For example, type the name of your business then hit enter or the return key on your keyboard.

6. Enter several relevant tags, like your service, your name, your location. Add brief descriptions of the image to make the image more all-ability accessible. 


7. When done adding tags, click, "Done."

Then add tags to another image.

After you finish adding tags, you can click another image on the left-hand side and add tags to that image. And so on, until all of your website images have alt tags. 

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