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Add a Contributor to a Wix Website

Transferring / Migrating your Wix Website to a New Platform?

Or do you need to add your Web Developer, Web Designer or SEO Manager to your current Wix website as a Contributor? Here are easy step-by-step instructions with images for how to accomplish this task.

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How to Add a Contributor to a Wix Website

There are currently three ways to add a Contributor to a Wix Website through Roles & Permissions. Choose one of your 3 starting points below, this will help you find your Roles & Permissions quickly depending on what page you land on or are most comfortable navigating...


Typically when you first log in to Wix, you will be looking at your, "My Sites" Dashboard. If this is what you see, hover over the words, "Site Actions" on the site you wish to add a user to.  Click the down arrow icon and select, "Invite People."

If you've done this successfully, click >this link< to scroll to our next steps.



From your Website Dashboard, look towards the upper center / right.

Click the oval button, "Site Actions" and select, "Invite People" from the drop down menu.

If you've done this successfully, click >this link< to scroll to our next steps.



From your Website Dashboard, look towards the bottom left of the page and select, "Settings."

Now click, "Roles & Permissions" from the General category which should be about eye level at the top of the window.

If you've done this successfully, click >this link< to scroll to our next steps.

At this point, you should be on the Invite People page.

If you don't see a list of roles yet, click the blue oval button on the upper right that says, "Invite People"


Now enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. To add multiple invitees, enter each email separated by a comma. Select the role & permission below and then submit by clicking the blue button, "Send Invite."


You will need to wait for your invitee to accept your offer to contribute. The invitation link is currently valid for 30 days. At that time, if you still want to add the invitee and the link as expired, you will need to resend the offer.


Your collaborator does not need to initially have a Wix account to be invited. However, during the process of inviting them, they will be asked to sign up or sign in. At this time, it does not appear you can work on a Wix website without having a Wix account.

Not sure which permissions or role to give your new contributor?

Here is the list (keep in mind each Role has permissions that can be edited):


  • Admin (Co-Owner)
    Has full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains and inviting people, but cannot delete or transfer site. Any work involving your domain or email will need to be assigned this role. Choose giving this role carefully. It's best to assign Website Manager (next option) for most developer and SEO needs.
  • Website Manager (for Complex Developer & All SEO)
    Has access to manage, edit & publish site, but cannot manage billing, delete, duplicate or transfer site.
    If you are adding a Wix Partner for SEO, you will need to choose Website Manager at minimum to allow the addition or editing of code on your site and the installment and management of SEO settings.
  • Website Designer (best for only Designers)
    Can edit the site, manage settings and apps but cannot access Inbox, contacts and other sensitive info.
  • Back Office Manager
    Can access the Dashboard to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site.
  • Billing Manager
    Can make purchases, manage subscriptions, add payment methods and connect a domain to the site.
  • Domain Manager
    Can connect and manage domains but cannot make purchases.
  • Marketing Manager
    Can manage all marketing tools, contacts, automation, and view site analytics.
  • Customer Relations Manager
    Can manage contacts, forms, tasks, workflows, automations, and communicate in chat, but cannot export contacts.
  • Payments Manager
    Can view and manage customer payments, but cannot purchase domains or subscriptions.

NOTE: It is important to remove your collaborators or change permissions when their role changes or the job is complete.


You can read more details including privacy information regarding contributors, here on the Wix Help site:

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