3 Jul 2021   by Daniel Anderson


The Nitty Gritty

One of the best ways to learn about RSS Feed and CMS2CMS (Automated Migration) is to read HubSpot’s Article: How to Convert Your Wix Site to WordPress: A Start-to-Finish Guide.

Read the article on HubSpot here:

What is RSS Feed?

RSS is a feed that allows a user to update one or more websites at a time in a computer-friendly and readable format.

RSS Feed requires a bit more hands-on work and a little bit of familiarity with website coding. RSS is a semi-automated migration process for transferring posts between your websites.

It does not migrate images or videos.

What is CMS2CMS or Automated Migration?

Automated Migration is any digital tool that transfers data between websites or storage devices.

CMS2CMS is an example of an automated migration tool.

Automatic Migration uses computer languages and the internet to make migrations.

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