WordPress Vs Wix

29 Jun 2021   by Daniel Anderson

WordPress Vs Wix

The Migration Process: Should you take the leap?



The Wix website was lacking in overall design and content. However, it was a more user-friendly experience to design it on Wix due to its intuitive dragging and drop features.



WordPress allowed for more customization and design options overall. The written content was easier to come up with on the spot and images were more easily integrated into the website’s design. Notice how the WordPress website simply feels more polished than the original site on Wix.

Is Automated Migration worth it?

It depends on what you’re after.



  • Written Content transfers well
  • You don’t have to start from scratch
  • Graphics, Videos, & Images will not transfer well unless you pay
  • It could be more time consuming

The Migration: Part 1

After developing my website on Wix I began the migration process by publishing the site. (Automation tools such as CMS2CMS will only be able to complete a migration from Wix if your website is published). Next, I made sure that the website was at a point where it had enough content on it so I could get a good idea of how well everything transferred after the migration was complete.

Next, I downloaded the CMS2CMS plugin onto WordPress where it helped me create an account and activate the plugin.

*Consider beforehand where you want to have your Wix website end up on your empty WordPress website. Homepage? Separate menu?

The Migration: Part 2

After activating the plugin it will appear under your “plugins” on the left side of the screen on WordPress.


Once you click on the plugin it will take you to the CMS2CMS website where you will sign into your account and take you through the first steps of the migration process.


CMS2CMS will have you indicate where you are transferring your website data from and where it needs to end up.

Set up your connection between Wix & WordPress.


CMS2CMS will have you log in to your website using your personal admin credentials for your site.


After that, click “Install Connector Plugin.”

The Migration: Part 3


Once a successful connection has been made with the URL of your new site CMS2CMS will have you choose which entities you would like migrated.

Select any additional options you would like to migrate and click “Start Free Demo Migration.”

Select any additional options you would like to migrate and click “Start Free Demo Migration.”

The migration will start and you will be able to watch the progress as it transfers data from Wix to WordPress.

The Migration: Part 4


After the Demo Migration is complete it will give the results of the transfer.


*Make sure everything on your original site was accounted for during the migration.

Check your WordPress website to see if data from your original Wix website migrated.

*You may have to check your “Home” page on WordPress to find it.

If you are interested, CMS2CMS will give you the option to pay for additional material to be migrated in a “Full Migration.”

You have completed the automated migration!

Are you happy with the results?


Watch this video below if you’re confused by any of the steps I outlined above.

My Migration Results

Take a look at how the content and data from my Wix site migrated to WordPress. The overall result was unimpressive.


Conclusion: Automated Migration may or may not be the best option for you.


As you can see above, automated migration helped written content transfer well enough to be reused on the new site. With patience, the right user could manipulate that written content with more ease having completed the migration. However, any content that involved media or design did not seem to migrate well.

So, the final question is: Should you migrate or just start fresh?


Based on the unimpressive result of the automated migration, I feel that it is better to start fresh. Starting fresh will allow you to have more creative liberty over how your website will ultimately look.

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Great job, Daniel! You’ve really learned a lot during your Internship with TNW Creations and we love seeing how you’ve implemented it into this Wix to WordPress Migration guide!

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