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Communication, Design, Technical and Social Media Jobs

Periodically we seek remote freelancers who are passionate about creativity, communication and media (websites, film, design, marketing and social media) and technology. If you are just breaking out into digital marketing, web development, photography, advertising or graphic design - this is an excellent opportunity to build your resume with an established 26 year company and earn money.


Each month we receive web development jobs with requests for additional help in other areas of media. When we receive those jobs, we send them to freelance members of our team, who then negotiate price and perform the job directly with the client. 


All jobs and fees will be managed and negotiated by you directly with the client. We offer recommended fee guidelines and some guidance but ultimately, you are your own boss as a freelancer. To continue a business relationship with TNW Creations, you must maintain positive reviews with your clients and have a high sense of integrity and punctuality. 


We provide services to many areas of the world who speak the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian. All applicants must have a basic understanding of English to communicate with our Lead Team.


We are a Christian based Agency. Our applicants do not need to be Christian, but you must reflect the following attributes: tolerance, kindness, patience, empathy, understanding and humility.


We do not judge others based on: lifestyles, gender, religion, race or personal choices.
We do judge: creativity, hardwork and trend copiers. 


If this sounds like the type of team you'd like to work with, we want to hear from you!

We are currently accepting applications for the following freelance positions:

API Technical Writer

We are actively seeking an API writer fluent in JSON, capable of writing API url submission script. If you are fluent in JSON and have experience with url batch submission scripts, please apply below.


Click this link to see an example of the scripts we are looking for.

Currently accepting additional applicants.

Google & Facebook Ad Manager - FILLED
Facebook Social Media Manager - FILLED
Photographer - FILLED
Ruby Jekyll Developer

We are actively seeking a developer skilled in Ruby & Jekyll, capable of writing and deploying static websites using Jekyll on Linux. Experienced applicants please apply below.


Currently accepting applications.

WordPress Web Designer
instagram Social Media Manager - FILLED
Adobe Graphic Design - FILLED

Apply Here

Remote Freelance Application

Under the details section: Please list all social media links, LinkedIn profile, links to portfolio of work, information about you and your goals as a freelancer with TNW Creations.  


It shouldn't have to be stated, but if you can't follow the directions in this application, then your application will be tossed. ALL fields are required, no dummy links. No exceptions.