Hosting with TNW Creations

Hosting services with TNW Creations means choosing a company that not only hosts your website expertly and securely, we ALSO answer your calls and emails.


We absolutely hate bots. We hate companies that take our money and don't give us service or tech support. Grr.


We believe in REAL human beings on the other end of emails and phone calls. So that's what we give our customers.

Self Managed Hosting

If you prefer to establish and run your own domain management, security, hosting and website, we have just the plan for you starting as low as $2.95 a month!


Read about all the high tech features offered by our Partner GreenGeeks:
A fast scalable hosting plan on a glorious clean energy host with live 24/7 real people tech support if you need help.

Prefer to, "Get it and Forget it?"

Get our White Gloved Full Service Managed Hosting with Security

It's 2023... you don't want to be a webmaster. You're busy. You're not an engineer. Your head is spinning trying to stop bad guys from pounding on your website's firewall. We understand.


We got you! We'll let you in on a secret, websites were never meant to be built by non-engineers (even though DIY website platforms try to convince you that they are... until you get frustrated)


And that's cool. Because we ARE full stack (meaning we do everything) web engineers and we offer full service website managed hosting and security with a TON of extra perks on our best plan including free monthly Advanced Search Engine Optimization ($1,487. value), 3 email accounts, security certificate and more.

Basic Hosting with Security Monitoring


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With Maintenance & Security Monitoring


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Our Best Full Service Hosting Plan


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Compare Self Managed to Managed Hosting -

Self Managed

One Website
One domain

50GB Web Space

Unmetered Transfer

Self Manage Domain

Self Manage DNS

Self Create Email Account

Self Create SSL Certificate

Self Install SSL Certificate

Self Install WordPress

Built-in Caching

Unlimited Self Install Databases

300% Green Energy Match

1 Tree Planted

One Year Minimum Contract


You're on your own with this one, if you're ready for the challenge, click, "Let's Do This!"

Managed Hosting by Our Agency

One Website
One domain

50GB Web Space

Unmetered Transfer

Domain Management

DNS Management

1 Email Account (setup by us)

Write and Install SSL Certificate

Built-in Caching

300% Green Energy Match

1 Tree Planted

One Year Minimum Contract


Basic Also Includes: Security Monitoring
We monitor your site to keep out criminals. This is a great option if you have a small site (about 5 pages and don't want to make any changes to your site for a year and do not need SEO, Cloudflare or more email accounts)

Hosting with Maintenance Also Includes: Software / server repairs - if something gets messed up during a server software update, we fix it. This is a better option that gives you some insurance that if something breaks on your site, we will fix it.

Our Best Full Service Hosting Plan Also Includes:

This is our best plan for businesses that are dynamic, busy, have multiple services and need to stay ahead of their competitors as it provides everything you could want for a fraction of what other agencies and platforms charge.
Includes Cloudflare Firewall Protection

3 Email Accounts (Setup by us with the option of more)

SSL Certificate (installed by us and kept updated)

Monthly Advanced SEO ($1,487 Value)
Weekly Massive URL Submissions (API)

Simple changes to the site once a month (up to one page. 250 words and 10 images or PDF documents)

Personal Account Manager

TNW Creations

We are Green Tech Web Hosting Tree Hugging Nature Lovers

Making the world a better place with everything we create is our CEO's motto! Which is why we are big recycling freaks and use clean energy powered by solar and wind wherever we can including our hosting. As a GreenGeeks Agency Partner, we take our journey as barefoot running children born tree huggers to love our nature seriously. You can rest happy knowing you're helping clean our environment and offsetting our carbon footprint right along with us and we will be there to assist you every step along the way as our customers. And if you watch our LinkedIn, you might even catch our CEO planting trees!