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Don't wait for a hacked or compromised website, breached files, employee data exposed and client information leaked

Cyber Security is the Most Critical Step for any Website

Small Businesses make up 88% of Cyber Attacks in 2023 due to poorly constructed websites and lack of security knowledge.


Cybercriminals prefer small businesses because they are easy prey - unfamiliar with phishing tecqniques and have poor website infrastructure. Data such as credit card numbers, personal information and even signatures and social security numbers are among the sensitive information that is stolen when a small business is attacked.


If your website isn't properly built and secure, it poses the greatest security liability for yourself, your content, your business, your customers and staff.


Creating a protective barrier against cyber attacks requires the right security and infrastructure strategies. One that enables you to confidently deliver your services or products while protecting your site from data theft and potentially devastating critical attacks.

A business website, email, LAN or server that is hacked loses more than a downed website or unavailable email - you could lose everything.


What typically happens when a website is breached?


  • Identity theft of all staff including yourself
  • Lawsuits from your clients and employees
  • Blacklisted in your field and on the news
  • Bankruptcy of your business


We take a proactive approach to protecting our clients. All of our managed websites are armored from first build with software, application and firewall security protection.  You can clean up a mess afterwards or you can prevent it. We prefer to prevent.

What We Do

Security That Protects Your Business

Website Security | Firewall Protection | Security Monitoring | Plugin Security | SSL Certificates

We offer security workshops, security technical assistance & training sessions for individuals or teams. Our cyber security training can help your company protect your business and employees. Because a business is only as secure as their weakest link.


Other services:

DNS management, website security, secure managed hosting, security monitoring, plugin protection, Website Firewall creation and operation, endpoint protection, access rules, lockdowns, blocks , DDoS protection,  Malware detection, Bot shield, Captchas, Secure forms, Security Training, SSL certificates.

More Security Services

Website, Web Hosting & Domain Security

DNS management, website security, secure managed hosting, security monitoring, plugin protection, website firewall creation and operation, access rules, lockdowns, blocks , DDoS protection, malware detection, bot protection, captchas, secure forms, website security Training, SSL certificates.

Security Training & Workshops

Staff or one-on-one sessions, Webinars, Workshops, Computer Training, Website Training, Digital or Print Tutorials, Video Walkthroughs, Cyber Security Training for Individual or Teams, Staff Email Training, Company Phishing Tests.

Application Security

Website security updates, Security Plugin Maintenance, API Gateway, Bot Threats, Client-side and Javascript Shields, WAF (web application firewalls), Content Copyright Protection from Hotlinking

Email Security

DNS management, SSL certificates, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, setup, maintenance, monitoring and management, secure email servers, email firewalls, email phishing training for staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Any prices mentioned in this section may fluctuate as our costs in the IT service industry changes, so contact us for the latest rates.

I need website security, can you help with this?

Yes, our agency is known for fighting cyber crime. We offer CDN protection services like Cloudflare, Security monitoring for all of our hosted clients and security patches for websites like WordPress and others. Additionally, our blog articles are an excellent source for security information to help you stay safe online. Our CEO is known for her investigations in the business security sector.


Request a callback and one of our techs can provide more detail on how we can help protect your website.

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